Tumbler Screen Manufacturer

Tumbler Screen

Our company is involved in the production of supreme quality Tumbler Screen Manufacturer that is applied for definite regulation of screening, separation as well as de-dusting of bulk solids. This product is predominantly appropriate for high feed rates as well as multi-deck separations of fine, lightweight as well as hard to screen products.

The product transfers the substance into the center of the top screen, from where it spreads out evenly and incessantly external across the whole screening surface. The finer specks fall via the screen near the middle, while the coarser particles travel gradually towards the external side of the screen. The material is progressed in a spiral form with fast acceleration of the particles the advance away they are from the middle. The outcome is constant and consistent equal size particles are screened.

This system is generally applied in varied industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, food & snacks, mining industries so as to carry screening small, heavy, light, dry, dusty, wet as well as sticky substances which are smaller than a millimeter.